Special Slug Cervo
Ga. 12
- 26 g (0.9 Oz)

The Slug Cervo has always had as objective precision, reliability and safety.

The structure of the slug thanks to its balance, with the lead part firmly anchored to the wad, guarantees a flawless precision. The wad governs perfectly balance the bullet when put in flight and ensures maximum accuracy.

Weights made for shooting meet all requirements including limitations of energy projectiles. Also, allow to load cartridges low recoil for a fun comfortable.

  ∙ Top penetration power
  ∙ Top Velocity
  ∙ Top Accuracy
  ∙ Suitable for all type smoothbore shotgun

Weight:26 g (0.9 Oz)
Height:43 mm / 1.69”
Diameter:18,5 mm / 0.728”

25 pcs box

50 pcs box

Our Special Slugs Cervo