Lead Free Special Slug Cervo
Ga. 12
- 18,5 g (5/8 Oz)

Slug Cervo is now available also in a new alloy "Lead Free", this new alloy allows to be in compliance with new environmental regulations, while maintaining the mechanical properties of lead slug in terms of accuracy, reliability and security.

The classic structure of our slug, with the metal part firmly anchored to the wad, ensures accuracy and great stopping power due to the relationship between the mass and the high velocity at which this projectail can be shooted (over 600 m/s ). The metal part can be deformed up to double its original sectional diameter, giving all the residual energy of the slug on impact, creating a lethal shock.

Furthermore, this slug having regard to its ductility is deformed and does not bounce if it draws obstacles hard or rigid, guaranteeing maximum safety.

  ∙ Top penetration power
  ∙ Top Velocity
  ∙ Top Accuracy
  ∙ Top Stopping Power
  ∙ Suitable for all type smoothbore shotgun

Weight:18.5 g (5/8 Oz)
Height:44,8 mm / 1.76”
Diameter:18,5 mm / 0.728”

25 pcs box

50 pcs box

Our Lead Free Special Slug Cervo